Policy Analysis Committee Notes: Taxonomy Section I Part IA

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The Hyatt Islandia surrounded by West Mission Bay
The Hyatt Islandia surrounded by West Mission Bay

Taxonomy Section I Part I

Reviewed by Policy Analysis Committee 4-11-05

Hyatt Islandia; San Diego, California

The following questions will continue to be included on the Site Survey Questionnaire.  The responses to those questions with a double asterisk will be included in the 2005 Profiled Residency Electronic Data Base:

[Note 3/10/06:  the following questions are in the form that existed in Phase I of the study.  Subsequently, each of these questions was re-numbered for Phase II of the study.  Questions such as I.1 and I.2 (below) revised the dates, as appropriate.  All responses to these questions (as well as previous subsequent versions of the questions are titled “Taxonomy Secton Part I” elsewhere in this section of the website.]

**SD I.1 (New) What is the number of family medicine residency graduates that will be graduating in the following years? 2005 ___ 2006 ___ 2007 ___

**SD I.2 Do you expect the number of residency graduates in 2008 to be higher, lower or the same as the number graduating in the previous years?

Higher ___ Lower ___ The same ___

**SD I.3 If the answer to SD I.2 is “higher”, is it your expectation that the amount of medical care provided in your family medicine center will be at a higher level than in previous years? Yes __ No __

**SD I.4 If the answer to SD I.3 is yes, is this part of an administration plan to increase the level of service provided by your residency program?

Yes __ No __

*SD I.5 If the answer to SD I.3 is yes, explain the reasons for increasing the size and level of service of your residency program:

Doctors Peter Nalin and Perry Pugno have agreed to review the following three questions, and to propose a replacement question with a wider range of choices as to why a program might be planning to down-size.  None of the three questions were included in the 2005 Profiled Residency Program E-mail Questionnaire:

SD 1.6 If the answer to SD I.2 is “lower”, would you characterize your residency program as being “in distress”? Yes __ No __

SD 1.7 If the answer to SD I.6 is yes, explain the current state of the residency:

SD 1.8 If the answer to SD I.6 is no, explain why you expect the size of the residency to be lower in the future.

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