Fifth National Workshop Workshop Program and Faculty

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The Riverwalk, adjacent to the Hyatt Regency San Antonio
The Riverwalk, adjacent to the Hyatt Regency San Antonio

Richard Clover, MD, FAAFP, Dean of the School of Public Health and Information Sciences at the University of Louisville, will present the theme session of the Fifth National Workshop on the Community Benefits of Family Medicine Residency Programs.  The session is entitled “Protecting the Health of the Community: the Role of Family Medicine Residency Programs”.

Doctor J. Jerry Rodos, whose well-received presentation of the theme session in Fall 2004’s National Workshop in Indianapolis appears in the Annals of the National Workshops at will return to give additional historical perspective on the current state of the medical school, the community safety net, and the training of family physicians.

In the Coastal Research Group’s on-going series “Adventures in the History of Ideas”, Doctor Warwick Troy (who recently conducted an analysis of the Future of Family Medicine Project with Doctor Perry Pugno at the Sixteenth National Conference on Primary Health Care Access in San Diego) will revive the historic “service” vs “education” debate in the context of the National Project on FMRP Community Benefits.  Two chairs of departments of family medicine, Doctor Fred Girton of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia and Doctor Richard Viken of the University of Texas Health Center in Tyler will be responders to Dr Troy’s presentation.

The National Workshop will consist of alternating plenary sessions with assigned small group discussions and activities. Tentatively scheduled plenary sessions are listed below.

Other confirmed faculty include Doctors H. Daniel Fahrenholtz of Northern Colorado Family Medicine, Greeley; Robert Ross of the Cascades East Family Medicine, Klamath Falls, Oregon; Charles E. Henley of the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa Department of Family Medicine; John Boltri of Mercer University, Macon, Georgia; John Testerman and Jamie Osborn of Loma Linda University Department of Family Medicine, Loma Linda, California;  Terrell Zollinger of Indiana University, Indianapolis; Kiki Nocella of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles; Allan Wilke of the University of Alabama, Huntsville; and Susan Hulsemann of Mercy HealthPartners, Toledo.   William H. Burnett and Scott Christman will lead interactive sessions utilizing Geographic Information System Technology.

This space will be dedicated to the latest news on the National Workshop program and faculty.

Tentative Plenary Sessions

Friday, August 26, 2005 8:30 a.m.

The Medical School, the Community Safety Net, and the Education of Family Physicians: the Historical Antecedents of Current Public Policy Choices. (Dr Rodos)

“Mission-oriented Ambulatory Settings”: The impact of introducing physician education to rural and underserved communities (Dr Ross; Dr Henley)

Selected Reports from Phase I of the National Project Survey Site Visits: Residency Program Activities in the Community/Increasing Access for Vulnerable Populations (Dr Boltri)

The Range of Services of Family Medicine Residency Programs: the Advantages of Family Medicine Center Care to Publicly Financed Patient Populations (Dr Fahrenholtz)

Using Geographic Information Systems [GIS] Technology to Define Your Residency?s Impact: Displaying Your Current Services + Your Physician Graduates Practicing in Your Community (Mr Burnett; Mr Christman)

Operational Needs and Community Obligations: Articulating Why Your Host Hospital Needs Your Family Medicine Residency Program (Dr Hulsemann; Dr Ross)

Modelling the Family Medicine Residency Program’s Relationship to Its Community’s Safety Net: a Next Phase of the National Project (Dr Nocella)

5:00 p.m. End of First Day’s National Workshop Activities

Saturday, August 27, 2005 8:00 a.m.

Theme Session: “Protecting the Health of the Community: the Role of Family Medicine Residency Programs” (Dr Clover)

New Thoughts on the “Service” vs “Education” debate: the family medicine center as a “system of care” (Dr Troy; Dr Girton; Dr Viken)

Discussion of the National Workshop as a Whole: How to Attract Medical Students to Your Residency Program and Community (Dr Wilke, Mr Burnett, Workshop as a Whole)

Adding a Rural Training Track to an Urban Program: Geographic Missions and Recruitment Strategies (Dr Testerman; Dr Osborn)

Practical Uses of GIS by Residency Programs: Updates on Previously Reported Studies from Indiana University and the University of Southern California (Dr Zollinger; Dr Nocella)

Small Group Reports

2:00 p.m. Adjournment of National Workshop

Other details of the program and research activities to be addressed at the San Antonio meeting will be added to this site as soon as they are announced.

If you are interested in obtaining an invitation to the Fifth National Workshop, please contact the Coastal Research Group, either through the “Contact Us” feature of this website, or by e-mailing “[email protected]”.

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