Chronology National Project Phases I and II

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Phase I


August, 2000


Brainstorming session during Coastal Research Group annual meeting at American Academy of Family Physicians Headquarters in Leawood, Kansas. Topic: What are the benefits of Family Medicine Residency Programs [FMRPs]?


September, 2001


Organization of brainstorming data into a Taxonomy of Six Categories of Benefits.


First National Workshop on the Community Benefits of Family Medicine Residency Programs in Newport Beach.  Workshop built around six category Taxonomy.  Two additional taxonomy categories added.


March-August, 2002


Surveys by six program directors of their hospital administrators on the benefits of their residency to their hospitals.


September, 2002


Second National Workshop in Louisville.  Reports of the hospital administrator surveys.  Development of questionnaire questions related to institutional and community benefits of FMRPs.  Conduct of questionnaire from assembled residency directors.


[Taxonomy Numbering Note:  the questions in the Louisville Questionnaire are preceded by capital L (e.g., L-10)]


October, 2002 to June, 2003


Re-organization and augmentation of Louisville Questionnaire.  Recording of Louisville responses. Questions re-ordered into eight taxonomy categories.


July, 2003


Field-testing of revised Louisville Questionnaire at three residency programs.


[Taxonomy Numbering Note: Questions included in the Questionnaire version used in the field test (called the Post-Louisville Questionnaire) are preceded by capital PL and a Roman Numeral representing the taxonomy section number (e.g. PL III.10).  If the question is from the Louisville Questionnaire the number of that question is shown in parantheses at the end.  If it is a question with no corresponding form in the Louisville Questionnaire it is identified as ?New? in the numbering (e.g. PL III.10 (L-10) or PL III.11 (New).]


September, 2003


Third National Workshop on Community Benefits in San Diego.  Assigned small groups given tasks of analyzing taxonomy category responses from the Louisville Questionnaire and Post-Louisville Field Tests; and of critiquing and revising questions in those specific taxonomy sections.


[Taxonomy Numbering Note: the questions used in versions of the questionnaire administered on site visits occurring after the San Diego National Workshop (called the San Diego Questionnaire) are preceded by capital SD and taxonomy section, with question?s derivation identified by a previous question number or ?New? in parentheses (e.g. SD III.10 (L-10) or SD.III.11.5 (New)]


October, 2003-March, 2005


38 programs are site-visited utilizing versions of the San Diego Questionnaire.


Phase II


March, 2005


E-mail questionnaires supplement site visit Questionnaires


April, 2005


The Coastal Research Group Policy Analysis Committee holds its first meetings since being assigned oversight of the National Project, including analysis of all of the Questionnaire questions and responses.  A question by question analysis of Taxonomy Section I begins, with the history and comments on each section reviewed being summarized in Policy Analysis Committee Notes (PAC Notes).  Monitors are appointed for specific groups of questions.


June, 2005


Analysis of Taxonomy Section II begins.


July, 2005 – Present


Phase II Site Visits Conducted


[Taxonomy Numbering Note:  Questions used in the National Project on Community Benefits Phase II Site Visits are preceded by NPCB P2 (e.g. NPCB P2.III.10). If the question derives from a previous question number, the previous numbering of the question appears in parentheses.]


August, 2005


Analysis and revision of Taxonomy Section II continues.  Analysis and revision of Section III.


December 2005


Dean Richard Clover at University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences authorizes an analysis of Phase I responses to selected questions, in collaboration with Coastal Research Group..


January 2006


Policy Analysis Committee Meets in Phoenix.  Work on three Policy Papers commences.


January 2006 – Present


Pennsylvania Initiative, to enroll all 30 Pennsylvania FMRPs in National Project, commences.  Site visits of Pennsylvania FMRPs begin.


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