24th National Conference, 2nd Day: "Medicaid in the Crosshairs?": Doctors David Sundwall, Michael Fine to Discuss Current, Emerging Issues in the Structure, Financing of Medicaid

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David N. Sundwall, MD, Vice-Chair, Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC)

The second day of the 24th National Conference on Primary Health Care Access (Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at the Grand Hyatt Kaua’i) will feature a presentation by David N. Sundwall, MD, MPH, Vice Chair of the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (whose anagram is MACPAC).

The future of Medicaid, the principal federal program for financing the health care of persons with very low income, has become a subject of intense policy discussion, as a result partly of concern about the current size of the federal deficit, and partly because the anticipated impact of implementation the Patient Proection and Accountable Care Act  on the program.

Dr Sundwall is a member of the University of Utah faculty, and served previously as a health committee consultant to the United States Senate, as Head of the Health Resources and Services Administration within the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and, most recently, as the Utah State Director of Health.

Michael T. Fine, MD; Director of Health, State of Rhode Island

Reacting to Dr Sundwall’s presentation will be the Rhode Island State Director of Health, Michael T. Fine, MD.

Dr Sundwall is a Senior Fellow of the National Conferences. For a further discussion of MACPAC, see: Activities of the Fellows and Senior Fellows of the Coastal Research Group: Dr David Sundwall is Vice Chair of Federal Panel on Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access.

Doctors Sundwall and Fine served together in the Association of State and Territorial Health Administrators. For the 24th National Conference, Dr Fine has been designated as the David N. Sundwall National Conference Scholar. [See National Conference Scholar Positions Established for 23rd and 24th National Conferences on Primary Health Care Access.]

Following Dr Sundwall’s presentation on Medicaid policy and Dr Fine’s reactive comments, Doctors Sundwall and Fine will discuss the Institute of Medicine’s recent report on ways to strengthen the ties between public health and primary health care.


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