24th National Conference: Doctor Darryl Leong Discusses the Potential Role of Care Coordination in PPACA

Last Updated on April 16, 2022 by Lee Burnett, DO, FAAFP

Darryl Leong, MD; Care1st Health Plan; Monterey Park California
Darryl Leong, MD; Care1st Health Plan; Monterey Park California

Doctor Darryl Leong, in a Thought Provocateur session scheduled to lead off the fourth day of the 24th National Conference on Primary Health Care Access, focuses on the role of coordination of care, both as a component of PPACA, and in the American health care delivery system.

As envisioned by Dr Leong, coordination of care is a core element of PPACA as it is really the only viable thing that could affect the cost of care. Yet, as conceptualized by Dr Leong, containment of health care costs would not be the first reason for why coordination should happen.

Doctor Leong notes a relationship between the rise of partialists, the de-emphasis of coordination of care, and the rise in costs. He will present a case study of the failure of care coordination.

His Thought Provocateur session will challenge the audience into thinking about why care coordination often doesn’t happen and what strategies should be taken to reverse this negative trend.

Such strategies might include affecting the pipeline of providers, the number and type of providers, raising the ethical responsibility for care coordination, and utilizing technology that can help it happen.


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