Discussion Question, Breakout Groups Announced for 24th National Conference Third Day – April 10, 2013

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The following is the Group Discussion Question, based on a quote from the Proceedings of the First National Conference on Community Health Center Primary Care Residency Linkages, held in September, 1993.

[See  Proceedings of the First National Conference on Community Health Center Primary–  Care Residency Program Linkages, “Community-Oriented Primary Care and the Role of Community Health Centers” (Part 1, Babitz).]


Marc E. Babitz, MD; USDHHS Bureau of Community Development
Marc E. Babitz, MD

“[P]rimary care is not simply opening up an office and seeing those patients who come to you. Primary care is having a practice that makes sure people do not have artificial barriers to care. Obviously, financial barriers are the biggest ones.  But there are also transportation barriers and those are found both in urban and rural areas, as you well know . . . 

“But we can also talk about culture and language.  We link culture and language together all the time, but being fluent in a language has little or nothing to do with being culturally competent . . . Even so, we need to talk about the two together.  Culture and language are really a combined entity and we must recognize the access barrier that this combined entity presents . . .

“My definition of primary care includes its having to be “acceptable.”  “Acceptable” is the one word I unfortunately never see in other definitions of primary care.  But primary care has to be acceptable care, because, unless primary care is given in a way that a patient can use it, it has no value.”


Group 1 North, Leader; Squire, Scribe; Bowman, Clasen and Fine

Group 2 Wilke, Leader; Schwartz, Scribe; Boltri, Flinders, Fowkes and Haughton

Group 3 Babitz, Leader; Herman, Scribe; Crawford, Hansen, Kimball and Leong

Group 4 Burnett (WH), Leader; LeRoy, Scribe; Goodman, Hines, Levitt and Saffold

Group 5 Burnett (L), Leader; Bejinez-Eastman, Scribe; Kopes-Kerr, Maudlin and Schlegel

Group 6 Frey, Leader; Fredrick, Scribe; Hixon, Lewis and Pugno

Group 7 Geyman, Leader; Olsen, Scribe; Palafox, Peck and Wu


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