Discussion Question, Assigned Groups Announced for 24th National Conference Fourth Day – April 11, 2013

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Mark E. Clasen, MD, Ph.D., Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio
Mark E. Clasen, MD, Ph.D., Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

The following is the Group Discussion Topic, based on a quote from the Proceedings of the Seventh National Conference on Primary Health Care Access, Williamsburg, Virginia, held in April 1996.

The Second J. Jerry Rodos Lecture: Mark E. Clasen, MD, Ph.D.

“[W]e as healthcare professionals know that most compliance occurs in the milieu of a trusting relationship that is culturally competent.

“In this major thrust, that creating a real change in behavior, occurs best when the message is negotiated in one’s own language, articulated with the proper mixture of science, theology, and always love.

“There is little doubt that a culturally competent care giver is more valuable than the high priest of technology who possesses 100% knowledge to heal, but who lacks the human translation about how to heal.

“To loosely paraphrase an old adage: “a physician is frequently in error, but never in doubt.” For those in the audience who are not physicians, I want to assure you that ego strength is required to deal with pain and suffering, and demands a decisive, take charge approach, and is more egocentric than George Patton, especially when life and death matters hang in the balance.

“. . . [H]owever, when the issues are weakness, being sick unto death, being rendered helpless, we more likely want to be a patient of a loving, caring physician who will guide us through the storm to the shoreline of restoration, health, and well-being.”

Group 1 Pugno, Lead; Goodman, Scribe; Babitz, Crawford, Leong and Palafox

Group 2 Bejinez-Eastman, Lead; Peck, Scribe Fine, Hansen and LeRoy

Group  3 Flinders, Lead; Kopes-Kerr, Scribe; Boltri, Hixon, Levitt and Squire

Group 4 Fowkes, Leader; Bowman, Scribe; Kimball, Lewis and Wilke

Group 5 Herman, Leader; Maudlin, Scribe; Burnett, WH; Fredrick and Schlegel 

Group 6 Frey, Leader; Wu, Scribe; Burnett, L, North and Schwartz

Group 7 Hines, Leader; Clasen, Scribe; Geyman, Olsen and Saffold





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