"What to Expect": 25th National Conference Tuesday Morning Assigned Breakout Groups

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Tuesday APRIL 15, 2014


G. Gayle Stephens, MD in the 1960s
G. Gayle Stephens, MD in the 1960s

 Discussion Question:

Dr G. Gayle Stephens early experiences as a physician included a lieutenant position in the U. S. Army in which he was assigned the task of attending courses on preventive medicine. After leaving the Army, he enrolled in a curriculum that taught the behavioral sciences and psychiatry to family docs. His exposure to the preventive medicine and the behavioral sciences proved to be life-changing experiences.

Dr Stephens became a proponent of the 1960s movements to create a specialty board of family medicine, and to promote the comprehensively trained physician for general practice. Preventive medicine and the behavioral sciences would be essential parts of the family medicine curriculum, and the family physician would supervise a patient’s continuity of medical and behavioral care.

Now with nearly a half-century of experience in training and certifying family physicians, do you believe that the concepts of comprehensiveness and continuity that Dr Stephens and his contemporaries promoted are relevant to the health care needs of the American public? Have health plans subsumed these ideas, or are Stephens’ ideas, in whole or part, still relevant?



Group 1 (Henderson, Lead, Allen, Dickson, Hansen, McKennett, Olsen (scribe))

 Group 2 (Henley, Lead, Chiang, Cox, Frey, Ross (scribe), Sundwall)

Group 3 (Herman, Lead, Babitz (scribe), Flinders, Hara, Mills)

Group 4 (Kimball, Lead, Crawford (scribe), Geyman, Norcross, Schlegel)

Group 5 LeRoy, Lead, Bejinez-Eastman, Fowkes (scribe), Haughton, Webster, Wilke)

Group 6 (Matheny, Lead, Cruz, Goodman, McCanne (scribe), North, Pugno)

Group 7 (Clasen, Lead; Burnett, WH (scribe), Fredrick, Kahn, Prislin, Slack)


Embarcadero Center statuary
Embarcadero Center statuary

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