"What to Expect" 25th National Conference Wednesday Morning Assigned Groups

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Wednesday April 16 2015


A San Francisco Seagull
A San Francisco Seagull

Discussion Question: A half-century ago, the idea of physicians mixing clinical practice with “population-based” medicine was a novel idea.

Yet, both the community health center movement and the structure of the new specialty of “family medicine”, with its required panels of continuity patients seen in a family health center, are geared to the health and medical needs of specific communities.

Discuss how this approach to care differs from attempting to meet a community’s need with an intensive use of medical sub-specialists.

The Ferry Building with San Francisco Bay Bridge in background
The Ferry Building with San Francisco Bay Bridge in background


Group 1 (Norcross, Lead; Chiang (Scribe), Fredrick, Hansen, Henderson, McCanne)

Group 2 (North, Lead; Babitz, Dickson, Goodman (Scribe), Schlegel)

Group 3 (Olsen, Lead; Burnett WH, Herman, Kahn, Kimball, Slack (Scribe))

Group 4 (Prislin, Lead; Clasen (Scribe), Crawford, Hara, LeRoy, Webster)

Group 5 (Ross, Lead; Allen, Cox, Flinders, Fowkes (Scribe), Frey)

Group 6 (Wilke, Lead; Bejinez-Eastman, Geyman, Haughton (Scribe), Trope)

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