"Time Will Tell": Monday April 13, 2015 Breakout Groups and DIscussion Question

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Below is the 26th National Conference on Primary Health Care Access breakout group discussion question for the Monday April 13, 2015 sessions (6:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.) at the Hyatt Regency Orange County:


Joseph Scherger's "40 Years in Family Medicine"
Joseph Scherger’s “40 Years in Family Medicine”

The question is derived from the book “Forty Years in Family Medicine”


The last 40 years have seen major roles for family medicine in expanding access to primary care.
The 1970s saw the development of the specialty and a counter-culture role transitioning from general practice and counterbalancing specialization
The 1980s saw the establishment of the specialty as an academic discipline.
The 1990s saw the integration of the specialty into leadership roles in health systems.
Since 2000 family medicine has led the transformation of health care into the Information Age and new models of care.
What phase do you see as most pivotal and enduring?


Below are the assigned breakout groups:

Group One: Clasen. Leader); Burnett (Lee), Scribe

     Babitz, Ramirez, Scherger

Group Two: Flinders (Leader); Fredrick, Scribe

     Boltri, Crawford, McKennett,

Group Three: Frey (Leader), Matheny, Scribe

   Burnett (Wm), Carriedo, Kozakowski

Group Four: Geyman (Leader), Ross, Scribe

     Christman, North, Slack

Group Five: Hara (Leader); Schwartz (Scribe)

   Buller, Prislin, Webster

Group Six: LeRoy (Leader); Wilke, Scribe

     Henderson, Pollens, Watts

Group Seven: Hansen (Leader), McCanne (Scribe)

     Norcross, Spalding



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