“Time Will Tell”: Tuesday April 14, 2015 Breakout Groups and DIscussion Question

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Below is the 26th National Conference on Primary Health Care Access breakout group discussion question for the Tuesday April 14, 2015 sessions (6:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.) at the Hyatt Regency Orange County:

The question is derived from a series of quotes from the writings of G. Gayle Stephens, MD, extracted by John Geyman, MD in a presentation at the 25th National Conference on Primary Health Care Access. (The order of the quotations has been revised for this discussion]:

“There are many forces that threaten to depersonalize the meaning of a doctor and patient. One can buy the mechanical appurtenances of healing, but one cannot buy that essential ingredient – a physician who really cares about the patient.

“Health is not a commodity that can be purchased in any quantity for as long as one has the money.

“Preoccupation with a disease of a person is detrimental to good medicine.”


Is Doctor Stephens’ belief that the relationship between doctors and patients is central to the task of caring for a person’s health a realistic idea in an era when care is expected to be provided by “health care systems” that must be “financed”?
Group One: McKennett (Leader), Flinders (Scribe0

   Babitz, Boltri, Pollens

Group Two: Henderson (Leader), Clasen (Scribe)

   Fredrick, Kozakowski, Prislin

Group Three: Burnett, Lee (Leader), Hansen (Scribe),

   Crawford, McCanne, WIlke  

Group Four Matheny: (Leader). Frey (Scribe)

     Carriedo, Scherger, Schwartz

Group Five, Ross, Leader, LeRoy (Scribe)

   North, Ramirez, Slack 

Group Six, Christman (Leader), Norcross (Scribe)

   Spalding, Watts, Webster

Group Seven: Burnett, Wm (Leader), Hara (Scribe)

   Buller, Geyman

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