Executive Committee Policies

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Coastal Research Group is engaged in the provision of continuing medical education (CME) through the National Conferences on Primary Health Care Access and other meetings. In developing such conferences and meetings it strictly adheres to the Conflict of Interest policies of the CME policies of its accrediting agency, the American Academy of Family Physicians. [See the stated policy at  Rules Governing National Conference Program and Faculty Presentations.]

All persons performing services for the Coastal Research Group are required and expected to conform to the highest standards of ethical conduct. Any person providing services is required and expected to disclose any conflict of interest, including but not limited to any articles posted on any Coastal Research Group website, and any presentation in any conference or meeting conducted by the Coastal Research Group.

Whistleblower Policy

Any person who believes that an undisclosed conflict of interest or violation of ethical standards should report that to the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Executive Board.

Records Retention Policy

All financial records and other relevant materials shall be retained for a period not less than five years.

Policy on Credits for Registration in event of cancellation of registration

The Coastal Research Group requires that all registration fees be received in advance, including for extra room nights, and does not permit refunds.  However, a full credit for all payments made are available for use at future National Conferences and National Workshops  (provided that a cancellation of a registration is received in time to prevent the imposition of charges on the Coastal Research Group, which would be deducted from any credit). All persons holding credits are invited automatically to future National Conferences and Workshops.  (Note: there are no future conferences scheduled at this time, the 30th National Conference was the final conference in the series.)