Communications and Publications

Members of the Coastal Research Group Communications and Publications Committee


  • Marc E. Babitz, MD (Member, 1996-2003)
    Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Bruce Behringer, MPH (Member, 1996-2004)
    Nashville,  Tennessee
  • John Boltri, MD (Member, 2004-2010)
    Detroit, Michigan
  • Mark E. Clasen, MD, Ph.D. (Chair, 1996-2002)
    Dayton, Ohio
  • Steven Cobb, MD (Member, 2006-2012)
    Denver, Colorado
  • James Cruz, MD (Member, 2006-2012)
    San Juan Capistrano, California
  • Kevin Houghton, MD (Member 2005-2011)
    Olympia, Washington
  • Charles E. Henley, DO, MPH (Member, 1999-2005)
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Allan Hixon, MD (Member, 2007-2013)
    Mililani, Hawai’i
  • Sandral Hullett, MD, MPH (Member, 1996-2003)
    Birmingham, Alabama
  • Gerald Ignace, MD (Member, 1996-2002)
    Brookfield, Wisconsin
  • Norman B. Kahn, MD ¬†(Chair, 1983-1989)
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Ph.D. (Chair, 2002-2008)
    Memphis, Tennessee
  • Michael D. Prislin, MD (Chair, 1989-1996)
    Irvine, California
  • Allan Wilke, MD (Member, 1998-2004)
    Kalamazoo, Michigan

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